Testing Team Meeting – Sep 26 2013

Location: #jquery-meeting on Freenode

Attending: James, Michał, Oleg, Jörn

link Availability

  • Jörn busy with lots of other projects, mostly jQuery UI, still working on esformatter
  • James to ramp back up in October, go back to finishing node compat
  • Timo busy with events and school, going to ramp up in October back to ~ 10h/week.

link QUnit

  • Discussion about setup/teardown logging callbacks, triggered by this PR: https://github.com/jquery/qunit/pull/471
    • We at least agree on adding a Per-test setup/teardown, defined at the page level
    • Maybe a Per-module setup/teardown, defined at the module level, for something like this
    • Syntax idea: Using QUnit.module( .. ).on(‘setup’, fn).on(‘teardown’, fn); ( or QUnit.module( .. ).on( { setup: fn, teardown: fn })
  • Maybe have Assertion, Test and Module all be EventEmitter (instead of just QUnit) and propagate from the lower-level objects to the higher ones (re-using the event name and data parameters)
  • node compat
    • James to pick up on in October
  • QUnit.Assertion and QUnit.on
    • Timo to pick up again in October

link TestSwarm

link Testing infrastructure

  • Need to add iOS 5.1, 6.1 & 7.0 for Core builds (or whatever BrowserStack can provide that’s close enough)
    • iPad 3rd 5.1, iPhone 5 6.0
  • Add a separate run for Android 2.3, for manual runs, since the Android runs are very slow
  • Looked at preview of BrowserSwarm, which runs QUnit tests through SauceLabs, has better output than grunt-saucelabs, but works more like TestSwarm
  • Timo to prototype a grunt-qunit-saucelabs plugin that makes use of SauceLabs new support for running unit tests