jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 07 2013

Attending: jaubourg, timmywil, rwaldron, davemethvin, gibson042, m_gol (slightly afk)

link jQuery 1.11/2.1 beta 2 TODOs

##jQuery Migrate

link How to solve the problem of people not installing Bower/Grunt?

  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/1393
  • Keeping instructions means only non-README people get local copies
  • What does Bower want to do in this case?
    • ask danheberden he can tell us
  • In the meantime, land Scott's big WARNING message (timmywil)

link Sourcemaps

  • Dave tried to start discussion, seem to have fizzled
  • Is the Chrome fix (no 404) sufficient? Now it silently doesn't work?
  • http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/14415
  • Dave to bug paul_irish
  • m_gol to start a Google Doc with (another) summary

link jQuery 1.11/2.1 final

  • How do we publish to npm?
  • How do we publish to bower?
  • Need to update build script to create tagged headless commit for release
  • Should include bower deps and built file for simplicity
  • Timmy to update the release script