jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Oct 17 2013

  • Attending: Jasper de Groot, Gabriel Schulhof, Alexander Schmitz, Anne-Gaelle Colom, Ghislain Seguin

Time: 2pm ET

link Official Agenda:

  • 1.4 RC release
    • open tickets 1.4
  • 1.4 final status
    • Demos
      • new homepage (Jasper)
      • open tickets for new demos
    • API docs
      • make overview of what needs to be done (Alex)
    • ThemeRoller
      • Jasper working on updating for 1.4
    • Download Builder
      • Alex will look into why it doesn’t work with 1.4
    • upgrade guide
      • Jasper will finish this before final release
    • supported platforms
      • add new list on new web site (Jasper)
    • changelog
      • Alex made a script for auto generating complete changelog
    • new web site (Jasper)
    • blog post (Jasper)
  • new PR’s
    • those can wait until we are done with 1.4

link Updates:

link Jasper de Groot

  • worked on updating demos and new global nav and search
  • made some changes in default theme, based on suggestions from Todd
  • working on updating TR

link Alexander Schmitz

  • triage
  • bug fixes
  • update demos search
  • update jqm-demos.js
  • accessibility summit
  • continuing work on button
  • continuing work on classes option
  • will be working with ui on making some boiler plate for issues and pr’s and standards on how long to keep open as well as a PR checklist

link Gabriel Schulhof

  • Bug fixing
  • API docs
  • New job (from Intel): also working on Cordova (making the cordova workflow work on Tizen)

link Ghislain Seguin

  • No update

link Anne-Gaelle Colom

  • No update