jQuery Core Team Meeting – Nov 25 2013

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, gibson042, timmywil, markelog, rwaldron

link Beta2 --SHIPPED!

  • Great job everyone!

link Todo for Beta3?

link Discussion regarding data-foo-42 and the meaning of life.

link Sinon fake timers

  • Landed but causing ajax issues
    • johnkpaul looking at it, we can back out if it's not working by tomorrow
    • Changes asyncTest -> test were only applied in the effects module, why?

link Ship a new Migrate

  • Any other tickets to land for this? $.ui.version warning?
  • Dave looking for elegant way to unit test that
  • Can we make available via Bower for this release?
  • Does npm make sense for Migrate? probably not

link Bypassing flaky tests

link How do we communicate a need for updating browsers to the infra team?

link 1.12/2.2 feature discussion

  • Bring back requestAnimationFrame?
  • Create new animation api that maps better to CSS transitions?
  • new data() implementation that attaches to elements
  • change in data-foo-42 behavior