jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jan 20 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, m_gol

link 1.11/2.1 release

link Blog post on delegated events

link Test infrastructure

  • Totally hosed
  • gnarf still stumped
  • Asked jzaeffer/Krinkle to unhose this
  • Seems related to Jenkins plugin update
  • Internal jquery/infrastructure ticket on this

link jquery-release

  • Need to double check before doing the release
  • npm publishing didn't work right for some reason

link api.jquery.com (and every site on WordPress!)

  • Or rather >every website using wordpress< which is pretty much all of them…
  • We're using jQuery Migrate! Really shouldn't
  • Volunteers to help fix this? Prob just a bad plugin or .attr() misuse
    • dmethvin and m_gol

link 1.12/2.2 planning for San Diego meeting

*I'll send around a Google Docs link