Testing Team Meeting – Feb 13 2014

Location: jQuery Conference San Diego

Attending: James, Timo, Leo, Jörn

  • reporter interface that we can share with other testing tools
    • to make it easy to integrate into karma, browserstack-runner or grunt plugins
    • needs a data format ala JUnit XML (maybe ala tap?), that is flexible enough to support QUnit and others
    • reporters should be built on top of this format: console, html etc.
    • need to do research for this - how do other test frameworks and their integrators currently handle this? What are the differences?
  • assertions cleanup
    • what do we really need to keep?
    • make equal/notEqual() strict and drop strictEqual/notStrictEqual
    • deprecate/remove ok()
      • need to research how ok() is used, and document what to do instead
      • like ok(array.indexOf > -1) -> notEqual(array.indexOf, -1)
  • make it reasonable to compose assertions
    • at least expose the traversal of QUnit.equiv
    • maybe expose an API for custom assertions that fixes stack traces when delegating to other assertions?
    • or try to have the assertion wrapper/constructor keep track, so that it doesn't matter on what level you call assertions, it'll unwrap correctly
    • or try and see what happens if we simplify the stack trace handling - a few more lines might be worth removing the complexity
  • async tests!
    • references: mocha, nodeunit
    • force calling done like nodeunit? make that configurable?
    • grunt style async() method that returns a callback which you run when done?