jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 24 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, gibson042, markelog, rwaldron

(Chat was held on the Google Doc, IRC was flakey)

link Job for underachieving old browsers being put out to pasture

  • "Weekly Job" is the name

link $.fn.data API

  • Let's make a call on this
  • Do we want to make two new entry points for a “pure js” data object with no “black magic” and a “dataset” that only works on elements/with string values
  • “the new API is not going to fix any of this, since people will still want .data() to work they way they expect, and populate with JSON data to initialize, etc.” - Dave’s reasoning against
  • We need to bring 2.x into compat with 1.x behavior

link Bower

  • Did timmywil's latest updates take care of this?
  • Do we need to update older tagged versions?

link Wrap up on browser support in 1.12/2.2

  • Proposed: Keep IE6/7 in 1.12.x (last one), fork Sizzle to remove non-jQuery-2.x browser support
  • Announce the end of the line in a blog post
  • Do we really fail a lot of tests on Safari 5.1?
  • OUTCOME: Dave to write up a blog post
  • We'll pull IE6/7, Safari 5.1, Opera 12.1x all at once in 1.13

link Android 4.0 & $.trim

  • this was the only test failing consistently in Android 4.0
  • OUTCOME: Just use a regex

link $.xhr

  • Need to start work on this
  • 1.11.1 and 2.1.1

link Maintenance fixes?

  • Let's land these soon and use master for 2.2