jQuery Core Team Meeting – Mar 03 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, rwaldron, m_gol, gibson042

link Wrap up on browser support in 1.12/2.2

  • Dave has draft blog post
  • Stop accepting new bug reports on these, close wontfix
  • Only fix severe regressions but leave patches in for 1.12 & 2.2
  • Sync with UI to remove IE 7 etc support there too
  • Still needs edits to clarify, want to prevent wails of protest
  • Changes won't come until 1.13, months away
  • We'll pull IE6/7, Safari 5.1, Opera 12.1x all at once in 1.13
  • per markelog, what about IE7 CV mode in IE8?

link $.fn.data API

  • Let's make a call on this, need to make 1.x and 2.x compat
  • What is the easiest & least disruptive behavior change?
  • I'm leaning towards 1.x behavior with minor changes
  • Conclusion: "Embrace HTML5" with one exception: Don't camelize objects that are extended into the data object
  • TODO: clean up docs for .data() to make things clearer

link Bower

link support.boxSizing - why is the test so complicated & requires a body?

  • check old Androids
  • ask mikesherov

link 1.11.1 and 2.1.1

  • Land fixes soon so we can move on to 1.12 and 2.2 in master
  • Can always branch later if we need 1.11.2 etc

link Current open tickets