jQuery Core Team Meeting – Mar 17 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, gibson042, m_gol, markelog, timmywil

link 1.11.1 / 2.1.1

  • Create new ticket to rewrite XML tests to avoid them being cross-document
  • The PR to be nixed in favor of removing cross-doc manip in tests
  • Ticket: http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/14796
  • Looks like we do need to fix this
  • dmethvin to land
  • Push to 2.2 because it's ugly
  • m_gol to write a test failing in IE8
  • let’s blacklist iOS7 and wait (forever) for a real bug report
  • Please land your fixes ASAP

link Old browser job

  • Still broken, it's an infra problem most likely

link Failing oldIE tests -- how to fix?

  • Wait until we switch to karma

link Browser support blog post

  • Still need UI team input