jQuery Core Team Meeting – Apr 21 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, timmywil, markelog, gibson042

link 1.11.1 / 2.1.1 RC

  • m_gol did RC1
  • I published an RC1 blog post for about 5 minutes
  • I missed the update required to Sizzle (but there was a ticket)
  • gibson042 landed it Friday
  • Dave set up a VM, can (or will try to) publish the beta today
  • To simplify, let's call this RC2 and not speak of RC1 :-)

link "browser" KEYWORD for npm

link Open tickets for .1 release

  • IE11 being stupid
  • Way to prevent accidental release without latest Sizzle
  • slideUp/Down on inline elements
  • We're getting a ton of spam on the tracker
  • Ideas on how to reduce it?
  • Delete the spammy posts when you see them
  • Lots of fake logins being created as well