jQuery Core Team Meeting – May 19 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, timmywil, markelog, gibson042

link 1.11.2 / 2.1.2 watch

  • Anything that requires a patch release?

link Bugs

  • use isNaN instead?

link Pulls

  • Use page viz api to determine whether to run animation
  • too big to land as-is
  • see if we can work with him to reduce

link Failing IE6/7 tests in .data()

  • Source of the problem isn't clear, very few changes recently
  • Could be the <object> tests, maybe a change at BrowserStack
  • m_gol to check with BS

link Google bug bounty

  • Replied to them with a go-ahead based on team response

link 1.12/2.2 planning