jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jun 09 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, m_gol, gibson042, scott_gonzalez, timmywil

link 1.12/2.2 - Let's get going

link Pulls

  • QUnit eliminating globals
  • Increase the set of tested browsers in Sizzle

link Tickets

  • Decode by type regardless of status code?
  • Compat impacts? Nobody should be depending on errors not decoding at this point we could assume?
  • Let's leave $.ajax as is and push folks towards $.xhr
  • We aren't testing in this env (or several others like Win8)
  • Ways to do this?
  • No obvious solutions here that are easy
  • :visible, :hidden behavior change
  • empty elements (with 0 height) will be hidden instead of visible
  • Although, they were only visible in some browsers
  • Will now be consistent for empty elements and