jQuery Core Team Meeting – Jul 14 2014

Attending: mikesherov, DaveMethvin, m_gol

link Test fails

link Migrate: button.attr("value", val) failing, jQuery 1.8 or older

  • http://swarm.jquery.org/result/1914335
  • I think the test may need to be removed
  • Behavior is correct for IE<9 and jQuery<1.9
  • Resolution: Move existing test to the 1.9+ branch in the unit tests
    • gibson042 has a pull

link Support matrix

  • iOS 6.1+ since Browserstack doesn't provide older versions
  • Android 2.3, 4.0+ (not just 4.0+)
  • we have a couple of manipulation failures on 2.3 but no one reported them so let’s claim support

link Dave will be on vacation July 17-26

link $.xhr strawman

  • https://gist.github.com/dmethvin/43ffd1c743554e5c50ae
  • Updated last week with feedback from comments
  • Return value of $.xhr?
    • thenable requires user to translate, and also means we always have a dependency on some sort of thenable shim (e.g., $.Deferred)
    • Promise means we need either a shim or native Promise
    • maybe https://github.com/getify/native-promise-only
  • Oleg on a plane right now, will have some thoughts/comments tomorrow
  • dave to ping domenic for input on how to add .xhr to Promise instance
  • dave to ping snover on collab with Dojo
  • mikesherov to ping getify on using native-promise-only for our shim

link Download builder in 1.12/2.2?

  • Owner?

link Trac sucks

  • Nacin volunteered to help, connected him with gnarf
  • Got a second person (Christopher Schramm) interested as well

link Pulls

  • markelog landed several things this weekend

link Tickets