jQuery Core Team Meeting – Aug 11 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, gibson042, m_gol, timmywil

link Trac

  • not sure it will ever be fixed…
  • Dave to check with Corey if this will be fixed
  • could we switch to GH issues?
  • volume is low nowadays
  • No serious objections
  • Need to port over open tickets
  • Dave to talk to Scott

link $.xhr

  • discussed w/ Scott at dev leads mtg
  • staying with options object
  • will be supported in 1.x branch if possible
  • not sure if XHR events are reliable there
  • don't want to use polling

link Promise lib?

  • $.xhr() returns Promise
  • User should build with a Promise lib?
  • jQuery.Promise = window.Promise || shim

link jQuery data cleanup: http://bugs.jquery.com/ticket/15205

  • Should go away once we attach data to elements

link Pull Requests

  • Please review and comment

link Tickets