jQuery Core Team Meeting – Aug 18 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, gibson042, m_gol, jaubourg (12:20)

link Note: Dave on vacation Aug 21-25

link Trac

  • Volunteers are making progress on new setup
  • Let's give it a few weeks
  • Github issues is still an option IMO if Trac stays this bad

link $.xhr

  • Scott's proposed API
  • Uses chaining Promise for setting args
  • Downside: requires Promise always
  • will be supported in 1.x branch if possible
    • significantly reduced functionality (no XHR2 or CORS)
  • Promise lib?
  • $.xhr() returns Promise so we MUST have shim in the bundle
  • Insulate via jQuery.Promise = window.Promise || jQuery.PromiseShim

link markelog to look at a super basic thenable we could build using Deferred

  • perhaps build Deferred on thenable?
  • jauborg returns! Work with markelog on Deferred

link Pull Requests

  • Please review and comment

link Tickets