jQuery Core Team Meeting – Sep 01 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, gibson042,

Note: Timmy on vacation Aug 31-Sept 21

link Trac

  • Volunteers are making progress on new setup
  • Had two new volunteers, including a Trac core contributor

link Promise/A+ compat

  • gibson042 proposal seems like it should work!
  • Checking with jaubourg on his availability, markelog and gibson042 are interested

link $.xhr

  • Build options object interface
  • Below it is a chaining interface?
    • exposes (not wraps) underlying xhr method
  • limited compat with old IE and ActiveX method?
    • (See discussion in IRC)

link Pull Requests

  • Please review and comment
  • markelog to land a few today
  • gibson042 and dmethvin to work on them tomorrow

link Tickets