jQuery Core Team Meeting – Sep 15 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, gibson042, mikesherov

Note: Timmy on vacation Aug 31-Sept 21

link Trac

  • I will ping about that, i think they made progress last week

link Promises/A+ compat for jaubourg's pull request

  • m_gol got it mostly working
  • some fails related to invalid args
  • need a solution for dfd.done( fnThrows ).then( neverCalled )
    • keep a separate list of callbacks for .then() vs .done()?
  • need analog to Promise.unhandledRejection proposal from Domenic
  • see if jauborg and m_gol can finish this
  • Promises error telemetry - Mike to reach out to Domenic

link $.xhr

  • markelog and gibson042 to create some examples based on typical ajax usage
  • review at next meeting