jQuery Core Team Meeting – Sep 29 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, timmywil, jaubourg, gibson042

link Update on web site attacks

link Trac

  • Let's switch to Github issues
  • Infra team swamped with DDoS and hack attacks
  • Keeping Trac for old issues reference
    • turn off new account creation and anonymous add/comment (dave)
  • Trac 1.0 upgrade will happen when it happens
  • Migrate open issues to GH issues?
    • no, just close them via the current GH hook
  • Create new issues with GH issues
    • turn on gh issues (dave)
    • create tags/milestones

link Promise Error telemetry

  • mikesherov will talk to Domenic

link Promises/A+ compat

  • needs review
  • should this deliver to the .then? It doesn't currently because the .done throws
    • Deferred().done(f1).then(f2)
  • gibson042 proposing a change for that

link $.xhr