Project Leads Meeting – Oct 01 2014

Attending: Dave, Scott, Alex, Kris, Jörn, Rafael

link Core

  • Moving to Github issues
  • Still need a working Trac
    • Don't currently have one
  • Breaking changes for .then require a version bump
    • can't capture both API and browser changes easily
    • two npm packages?
      • jquery-compat (1.x-like)
        • Start at version 1.12.0?
      • jquery (2.x-like)
        • Start at version 3.0.0
    • Continue with one jquery repo tho and two branches
  • $.xhr call for comments
  • need more fleshed-out examples with real-world use of xhr object, etc.

link UI

  • One more PR to land, then ready for 1.11.2
  • Starting work on 1.12 afterwards, including ripping out IE7 support and doing the font-size change
  • Good progress on button and datepicker rewrites

link Mobile

  • Looking into ios8 issues will do a 1.4.5 soon to address some big ones
  • 1.5 work continuing very tied to ui 1.12
  • Lisa Seacat DeLuca is is working on phonegap and cordova issues.
  • Stand alone module for declarative widgets usable with any widget and with ui as well
    • New module removes current performance penalty for reading data- options

link Globalize

link CSS Framework

  • Scott sent out email to all the CSS framework makers
  • Starting to get some (but not a lot) of responses
  • Haven’t contacted Bootstrap themes authors

link QUnit

link Testing

  • browserstack-runner reuse worker PR landed and published
  • No timeline on Travis fix, will likely take at least several weeks
  • Considering basic obfuscation of BrowserStack credentials (over plain text) to at least communicate that those aren’t intended for other projects. Deobfuscation also has to be in the repo, but might be just enough indirection until Travis implements our suggestion. In the worst case, our tests run slower or time out due to someone else abusing our account.

link Infrastructure

  • Website Crawler to verify no 404’s missing resources or script errors on sites
    • Being implemented as grunt plugin
    • PR’s for all websites in the works to fix current issues
  • Created script to clone and deploy or update app jquery-wp-content sites
  • Hackers and DDOS :(