jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 06 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, m_gol

link Trac

link Promise Error telemetry

  • mikesherov will talk to Domenic

link Promises/A+ compat

link $.xhr

link versioning proposals (see last week for deeper discussion)

  • version- and API-synchronized
  • jquery 1.11.1 → jquery-compat 3.0.0
  • jquery 2.1.1 → jquery 3.0.0
  • methods & properties existing in both packages have identical signatures & structure for a given version
  • public API MUST NOT exist only in jquery-compat distribution
  • public API MAY exist only in jquery distribution
  • files on cdn are jquery-3.0.0.js and jquery-compat-3.0.0.js etc.
  • RESOLVED: we use the same version number for both branches
  • dmethvin to make a blog post