jQuery UI Team Meeting – Oct 08 2014

  • Ticket triage
    • 399 tickets total +1
    • 41 pull requests -2
  • Button
    • Alex and Scott discussed back compat; documented on wiki
      • No back compat for two icons. There's no upgrade path anyway, so users will need to drop one of the icons to upgrad eventually.
  • Checkboxradio
    • Icon should be turned on by default
  • Datepicker
    • Scott did first round of review on new PR
  • Globalize
    • Had a discussion with IBM and Dojo about collaboration and adoption of cldr-data and cldr.js
      • John to work with Rafael to integrate the cldr-data module
      • Rafael and Jörn to check out the i18n requirejs plugin
      • Rafael/John to schedule a follow-up meeting once there’s some progress to look at
  • Classes option
    • Alex started working on _setOptions() support