jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 13 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, jaubourg, markelog, gibson042, m_gol

link Trac

link Branch naming

  • Have a "compat-only" and "master-only" for issues applying to just one
  • rename "1.x-master" to "compat"
  • land PRs before renaming

link Promises/A+ compat

link $.xhr

link version 3.0

  • dmethvin making blog post, to be done this week for review

link Testing

  • Continue to test Opera, but on the weekly job
  • We could test Yandex browser there if it's on browserstack
  • Let's switch to private browser sets (m_gol)
    • jquery and jquery-weekly
    • jquery-compat and jquery-compat-weekly