Project Leads Meeting – Oct 15 2014

Attending: Dave, Scott, Alex, Kris, Jörn, Rafael

link Core

  • Moved to Github issues
    • Trac is still needed, not working well
    • Migration supposedly being worked on
    • Will migrate open tickets
  • New versioning coming, two packages
    • jQuery-Compat 3.0.0 (like 1.x branch)
    • jQuery 3.0.0 (like 2.x branch)
    • Same API, now follow semver
    • Dropping browser from -compat deserves a version bump?
  • Use fetch() rather than $.xhr()?
    • it's an okay API
    • There is a shim:
      • shim only supports IE10+, also not Android 2.3
    • Should we move IE9 and Android 2.x to -compat?
    • not sure how to integrate such a shim though
    • perhaps we could include it in a custom build tool?

link UI

  • 1.11.2 this week

link Mobile

  • Continuing to work on 1.5
  • Getting ready to do 1.4.5 to fix some major iOS8 issues
  • Continuing to make lots of progress on cordova issues
  • Call with Intel today (right after this meeting) to discuss navigation API
    • Goal is to have App Framework use jQuery Mobile’s navigation code

link Globalize

  • Created new mailing list for globalization related JavaScript projects
  • Landed basic timezone support in Globalize
  • cldr-data: ongoing discussion with Dojo/IBM. Waiting reply from Yahoo.
  • Discussing an overview page that shows what solutions exist and what is missing, overlaps, holes; then nag other projects and organizations to improve that

link CSS Framework

  • 7 projects have expressed interest
  • About half of the projects didn’t respond to the initial email

link QUnit

link Testing

  • Working on browserstack-runner with Travis integration for QUnit
  • Also debugging browserstack-runner on Globalize

link Infrastructure

  • Still working on website spider.
    • Spider is done currently fixing the sites
    • Thousands of errors, caused by several problems, found and fixed already