jQuery Mobile Team Meeting – Oct 16 2014

  • Ticket Triage:
    • 366 tickets -1
    • 43 pull requests +2

link 1.4.5

  • need to re-check issues as Apple fixed Safari in a patch
    • they have not fixed the crash, so we still need 1.4.5.

link 1.5.0

  • waiting on some updates in UI
  • Classes
    • PRs need updating - in progress
    • Alex has pushed the _setOptions() commits on top of the original classes commits into the UI "classes" branch
  • Declarative Widgets Module
    • Prototyped with input from TJ, PR to follow from Alex
  • Table
    • needs review
  • Navbar
    • waiting on merger from new pr
  • Toolbar
  • CSS update (button, checkboxradio, controlgroup)
    • Jasper working in branch button-css
  • Checkboxradio as well as button and controlgroup
    • waiting for ui updates, hopefully can be done next week

link Other topics

  • jsbin
    • 2 options will work on new template hoping for vanity urls
      • Have talked to remy we will be getting something along the lines of jquerymobile.jsbin.com
  • website spider
    • grunt-spider plugin coming
      • working way through websites one at a time
  • CSS
  • Cordova Issues
    • Lisa helping out
  • Collaboration
    • Ian Maffett from Appmobi and the intel app framework
      • The main goal for our collaboration will be enhancing and cleaning up our navigation