jQuery Core Team Meeting – Oct 27 2014

Attending: timmywil, DaveMethvin, gibson042, m_gol

link Trac issues migrated

link Branch naming

  • "compat-only" and "master-only" for issues applying to just one -- done
  • rename "1.x-master" to "compat"
  • also change name in package.json - “jquery-compat”
  • Both versions need package.json rename to 3.0.0-pre
  • land PRs before renaming

link Promises/A+ compat

link $.xhr -- replaced by $.fetch

  • Should this start as a plugin? Yes

link Publish 3.0 blogpost

  • Dave to do this week

link Browser support for 3.0.0

  • Drop official support for Opera 12 and Safari 5.1
  • Keep IE9 in the master branch
  • Support Android 2.x on both (dammit)

link Additional things to reconsider as of 3.0?

  • remove deprecated stuff like andSelf
  • fractional width/height?

link Testing

  • Continue to test Opera (latest, latest-1), but on the weekly job
  • We could test Yandex browser there if it's on browserstack
  • Let's switch to private browser sets (m_gol)
    • jquery and jquery-periodic
    • jquery-compat and jquery-compat-periodic

link Issues and Pull Requests

  • Assign milestones to all issues
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery/issues/1784
  • Shadow DOM is a pain
    • Is this something jQuery should try to fix?
    • code size and performance implications could be big
    • dave to get some input from Polymer or web standards groups on whether this is reasonable to do, and if so what devs (and jQuery) should be doing to make this work without horrible perf

link Roadmap wiki page?

  • Collect all features/enhancements for feedback