Project Leads Meeting – Oct 29 2014

Attending: Dave, Jörn, Alex, Adam, Scott, Kris, Rafael

link Core

  • Publishing the jQuery 3.0 blog post today
  • Starting to knock down the issue/PR backlog

link UI

  • Nothing interesting

link Mobile

  • Releasing 1.4.5 tomorrow
  • 1.5 work continues
    • continuing update loop with ui
    • Front-end dependency management
  • What would we want npm to support to make publishing UI on npm useful?
    • To release on npm, would need dozens of different packages, one for each widget, each with its own dependency tree
    • Difficult to find/build the actual files, which are inside node_modules
  • Possible solution: If requireJS could find modules loaded by npm inside the node_modules directory, that would fix this?
  • Talk to James Burke about how to deal with this? -- dave

link Globalize

link CSS Framework

  • There was a meeting yesterday. Minutes will be sent out later by Scott
  • Open up our css-framework repo, after some cleanup, to collaborate with the group there.
    • Alex to ask Sarah to update the readme

link QUnit

  • No update, Leo and James currently unavailable. Jörn will look into remaining 1.16 issues.

link Testing

  • Some improvements for browserstack-runner landed, still trying to get it working in Travis builds and with requirejs

link Infrastructure

  • jsbin - talking with Remy about using it for demos and default template

link 2015

  • High level roadmaps with goals for 2015 for your project
  • Budget requests to achieve those goals
    • including contracts, additional resources