jQuery Core Team Meeting – Nov 03 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, markelog, timmywil

link Additional issue tracker things

  • wontfix? (done)
  • cantfix?
  • needs review (team needs to review the issue/PR) (done)
  • I don't think we want "fixed" or "notabug", too noisy and not particularly useful to search
  • "valid and fixed" issues should be assigned to a milestone, be sure they are when committing code that closes an issue
  • Always set a milestone when assigning an issue, and always assign the issue before closing with a fix/patch
  • Always create an issue for a PR, so the issues have a complete list of the problems solved

link Branch naming still needs to be done

link Issues and PRs in the 3.0 milestone

link $.xhr -- replaced by $.fetch

  • Let's do this as a plugin with its own schedule

link Issues and Pull Requests

  • Assign milestones to all issues