Project Leads Meeting – Nov 12 2014

Attending: Dave, Jörn, Alex, Scott, Kris, Rafael, Sarah

link Core

  • Working towards 3.0
  • Need roadmap … it will be simple
  • Need some new blog posts about changes coming

link UI

  • Working toward 1.12.0

link Mobile

  • 1.5 work continues

link Modules

link Globalize

  • New members on Cameron from Twitter (maintainer of twitter-cldr), Edwin (globalization architect) from LG, Bruno and Daniel (globalization managers) from Microsoft, Eirik (globalization director) from Oracle, Xiang (senior developer) from Paypal.
  • JavaScript Globalization overview page had additions from Yahoo (format.js), Google (Closure i18n), Wikipedia (jquery.i18n) and LG (iLib).
  • ICU Message Format Support waiting approval to use slexaxton/messageformat.js license.

link CSS Framework

  • Should we support IE8? How about Android 2.x?
  • General feeling: No IE8 support

link QUnit

link Testing

  • BrowserStack had unrelated “hacking” issues (very thorough post mortem!), hopefully will have time to address Travis integration issue soon

link Infrastructure

  • jsbin - talking with Remy about using it for demos and default template
  • Alex to intro Kris and Remy, we'll get 10 accounts w templates ($1000)

link 2015

  • Kris to create a summary of roadmaps to share with the board, Core roadmap still missing. Also budget requests from dev rel and infrastructure.