Project Leads Meeting – Nov 26 2014

Attending: Dave, Jörn, Alex, Scott, Kris, Rafael, Sarah

link Core

  • Working towards 3.0
  • Need some new blog posts about changes coming

link UI

  • Working toward 1.12.0
  • Effects rewrite almost done
  • Testing new approach for classes
  • Converting tests to AMD

link Mobile

  • 1.5 work continues
  • Working on multiple pageContainers

link Modules

  • Abandon all hope, write to ES3 and <script>. Go play drums for a year or two.
  • Core is considering separate repos for distribution, rather than polluting our development repos with all the build artifacts and (potentially) dependencies

link Globalize

link Chassis

  • First 2 meetings have occurred, working on getting more involvement.
  • Selected Project Name: Chassis
  • Have decided that we're definitely using SVG
  • Working on organizing the call for BEM with the Yandex Team
  • Decided on using normalize.css, and we'll add some box-sizing adjustments
  • We'll be supporting IE8+ to align with current market shares for 1.0

link QUnit

  • Working towards 1.16
  • Fixing regressions, hopefully done this week, everything else is ready

link Testing

  • BrowserStack back up, Michal has been bugging them, issues are getting addressed

link Infrastructure

  • No update