jQuery Core Team Meeting – Dec 01 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, gibson042, timmywil, m_gol

link Issues and PRs

  • Just land a fix, no unit test since it's a resource leak
  • Landed in Sizzle
  • .detail used in all mouse events, now inclined to just add it
  • Just always use gBCR?
  • Maybe a bit slower but would provide fractional dimensions for width/height
  • Does gBCR also fix offset/position/width/height when elements are transformed? Need to check

link Promises/A+ compat

  • make .then() as Promise/A+ compat as it can be
  • may be a few minor behavioral things not std
  • what about extensions to the Promise/A+ spec? (context, multiple values, progress)
  • seems like we need multi values for the most common use case of $.ajax
  • keep other Deferred behavior basically unchanged
  • no need to introduce breaking changes
  • current Deferred functionality won't be enhanced e.g., https://github.com/jquery/jquery/issues/1839