jQuery Core Team Meeting – Dec 08 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, gibson042, markelog

link Do we need a 1.12/2.2 release?

  • Yes
  • Release 12/15?
  • Safari selector bug, maybe one or two other low-risk patches
  • m_gol suggests starting at https://github.com/jquery/jquery/commit/e488d985cfb10ab8c684bbc6a9b8ff3eae23bf83
  • Dave to do blog post on Safari's lack of response and info on this
  • m_gol to find jQuery patches and make a branch
  • gibson042 to make a Sizzle branch
    • start at 78a8c3a7a83ebd8356ae3e23c7c1970ef6d948d2 or later
    • back out ea1c40428c85de1b08087e9c76c5518ba8d15d4f
    • add PR 297
    • maybe add PR 300

link Schedule for 3.0

  • Release target date mid-January
  • Firmer dates once we get closer

link Style guide

link Issues vs Pull Requests

  • Any bug/feature/deprecation should have an issue
  • Issues track the functional changes in the release
  • Dave to go back and check tags/milestones for pre-3.0 commits
  • Think I need to create issues for pre-closed tix in Trac

link Issues

  • Remove .context and .selector
  • Is the guard around currentStyle.left needed? Probably not

link PRs

  • to discuss next week