Project Leads Meeting – Dec 10 2014

Attending: Dave, Scott, Sarah, Alex, Rafael

link Core

  • Patch release of 1.11.2/2.1.2 coming next week with blog post
    • Primary thing is a patch to a Safari selector bug
    • A few very minor bug fixes otherwise
  • Meantime, 3.0 changes being landed in master
    • Another Safari bug bit us there with createHTMLDocument
  • Already updated to QUnit 1.16
  • Targeting release in mid-January with beta beforehand

link UI

  • Dropping support for jQuery 1.6
  • Effects rewrite ready to land

link Mobile

  • Focusing on work not involving ui classes
    • mostly patches and minor stuff

link Globalize

  • Currency formatting implemented \o/.
  • Going to implement currency parser (to allow spinner demos to use new Globalize).
  • Adobe is evaluating Globalize to be used in their client-side applications.
  • Waiting for license approval to use slexaxton/messageformat.js.

link Chassis

  • Name is "Chassis"
  • Using SVG for sure
  • Normalized CSS with some adjustments for box sizing
  • Supporting IE8+
  • Talking with Yandex team

link QUnit

  • QUnit 1.16 came out, YAY

link Testing

  • Recurring problems with Browserstack and outdated Java on IE, m_gol has contacted them several times

link Infrastructure

  • AdamU is working on log rotation as a temporary solution to the full drive issues, root cause is DDoS traffic and long term solution is to get behind firewall
  • All sites updated to Grunt 0.4