jQuery Core Team Meeting – Dec 15 2014

Attending: DaveMethvin, m_gol, gibson042, markelog, timmywil

link 1.11.2/2.1.2 release

  • All patches landed? They should all be here:
  • Trac tickets listed under a single GH issue
  • Sizzle has been updated in master, compat, 2.1-stable, and 1.11-stable
  • Add Ajax URL sanitization?
  • Release ASAP
  • Need blog post draft
  • Has jquery-release been updated to not copy -latest? I think so
  • (in general, any changes to jquery-release needed?)

link 3.0 release - target mid-January

  • Major blockers or unassigned tickets?
  • Should we switch to ES6 module format for authoring?
  • Can still generate both the monolithic file and AMD from that
  • Move AMD modules to dist/AMD
  • Breaks the build process, can’t use r.js or var modules
  • Can’t load modules when testing
  • Decided to not change authoring for 3.0 … wait for 4.0, better tooling and/or browser support before using ES6 for authoring

link Issues vs Pull Requests

  • Let's use issues (only) for changelog
  • PRs should have one or more issues, unless they're housekeeping (e.g. typos and such) in which case we don't need an issue
  • Need a commit message format change here?
  • gibson042 has Component name enforcement
  • Support for jquery-release to build changelog

link Issues and PRs

  • Promises/A+ compat
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery/pull/1821
  • gibson042 to work on a PR
  • maximum backcompat, allow setting context, multiple resolved values, etc. (Promise/A compat for code that draws inside the standard lines)
  • Use a plugin to handle the error cases?
  • Might be able to use try/finally now that IE7 has been dropped
  • Plain Objects