Chassis Team Meeting – Jan 06 2015

  • Determine which SVG icon set to use #1
    • Initial discussion to cover which icons to support from the get go, based on current discussion in the issue
    • Decided to start out by created a SVG icon builder for just 3 placeholder icons to test the ability to select certain icons for builds, add in custom icons, replace icons, etc. michaelarestad to make a PR
  • Style Guide #11
    • Discussions in issue were leaning towards generated documentation.
    • Decided we needed to specify what we're talking about when mentioning "Style Guide," since the issue was getting slightly off topic compared to original description. (For example, Code Style Guide vs Pattern Library vs Design Style Guide). Issue is leaning towards auto-generated (or not) docs instead of "pattern library," which is really more what the topic was about. sfrisk renamed issue to "Pattern Library" to help focus issue. Discussion involving the generation of documentation moved to a separate issue/ Concerns raised regarding inline (auto-generated) documentation and how it could clutter code. Also discussed need for code style guides for scss and html.
  • File structure #29
    • MichaelArestad and cbracco opting for atomic structure in issue
    • Majority leaning towards atomic structure, with 100% complete modularity and independence. Discussion turned to possibly bundeling component styles with components rather than in the sass folder (possibly going the include/require an external spreadsheat route). Example here. However, general opinion seemed to be that putting components styling outside of the sass folder might be harder for new people to follow. Pros for that method would be making it easier to use just a button (for example), without pulling down everything in the repo. However, with a good builder, this shouldn't be a problem (similar to what has been done in jQuery mobile)