Project Leads Meeting – Jan 07 2015

Attending: Dave, Scott, Sarah, Alex, Rafael, Kris, Jörn

link Core

  • Working on 3.0, hope for beta next week

link UI

  • Going to schedule a call about RTL support
    • Looking for help from Hans, Deque, IBM, and others
  • Almost ready to land datepicker/calendar split (in datepicker branch)
  • Getting close to having the classes option finished
  • Also getting close to finishing button rewrite
  • Updating the base theme to be more modern, but not making major changes to ThemeRoller. Keeping Smoothness and UI Lightness in the gallery, while the new theme will be available as “Base” and it will be the default everywhere.

link Mobile

  • overall quiet due to holidays
  • new autoinit module prototype
  • Landed lots of PR’s
  • Pulling in latest round of Classes and button updates
    • Needed for continued progress on 1.5
  • General barking

link Chassis

  • Most PRs that have been submitted thus far have been for administrative tasks, but working up to the point where actual code can be submitted!
  • Decided to go with a BEM naming convention
  • Looking into setting up our own performance testing
  • isaacdurazo is going to create a logo
  • we have someone working on an initial PR on how to get the SVG icon placeholder potentially working
  • atomic structure for organizing code
  • working on coming up with code style guides for sass as well as more in-depth html style guide.
  • Looking into how we want to do documentation (generated vs non generated)
  • People are showing up to meetings and talking!!!! :-D

link QUnit

  • Moved qunit-composite and qunit-reporter-qunit off the organization to James’ repo
  • Fixing 1.16 regressions. Since a new feature also landed in master, those will go into 1.17.
  • Got browserstack-runner Travis integration working, waiting for them to fix some issues causing workers to timeout. Once this lands, will also land it for Globalize, then look into UI and talk to Oleg about Sizzle (replace Karma?)

link Pointer Events

  • Scheduling a call to discuss next steps for PEP, now that its on the jQuery organization

link Globalize

  • MessageFormat is supported \o/! Thanks to Alex Sexton and Scott to get the licensing approved and landed and Eemeli to make the necessary changes to SlexAxton/messageformat.js.
  • Unit and functional tests automated to run on all supported browsers. Implemented browserstack-runner, including running PRs on Travis, same blocker as for QUnit

link CLA checker