jQuery Content Team Meeting – Jan 14 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 278 (-55 in 2 weeks, -76 in 4 weeks)
  • Attending: Arthur, Anne, Corey, Ralph, Aurelio, Karl, Scott, Alex, Dan, Brian (brianarn)

link Learn Site

  • Determine the Future of the learn site
    • Foundation issue 347
    • Discussion document
    • We want to ease the process of landing PRs
      • Scott to work on automating the CLA check, which will manage the labels
      • Agreed to relax commit message style guides for content site repos (.com/.net/.org repos) if necessary to ease maintain/land content, but not api sites
    • See how we can get more help from the community
      • Aurelio to draft blog post
    • Agreed: carry out an analysis of the articles, and develop a matrix of articles/library version
      • Tracking Document.
      • Thinking about adding rating to learn content e.g. did you find this article useful 1-5? but would also need to know the reader's expertise, so 1–5 my expertise on this subject and 1–5 article's usefuleness
      • Dan to see if Bazaarvoice could donate rating service
    • Agreed: The learn site should contain THREE types of learning documents to match the users learning styles: articles, tutorials and videos
      • distinction between article and tutorial: a tutorial walks you through some process step by step and an article just explains a concept or set of APIs
      • A long-term plan/wish is to have interactive tutorials as part of the learn site. (Propose as a GSOC project?)
    • Proposed: in addition to code snippets, we should have the full example in a jsbin to enable users to manipulate the code and enable us to easily update it.
      • Discussion deferred to next meeting
    • Proposed: We should add the type(s) to the document and enable users to search by topic/keywords and/or type
      • Discussion deferred to next meeting

link Repos at healthy cadence

  • We aim to have less than 5 issues or be closing more issues than we open on all content-related repos