Project Leads Meeting – Jan 21 2015

Attending: Dave, Scott, Alex, Rafael, Jörn, Kris

link Core

  • Stalled on 3.0, need to get major features like Deferred rewrite landed. Were waiting on jaubourg review but have decided to continue regardless. Data interface changes are also big and need to land.

link UI

  • Datepicker/calendar split landed in datepicker branch
  • Scheduling RTL call for first week of February
  • Making good progress on classes option

link Mobile

  • Still working on 1.5
  • RTL has been a current issue here too
  • Lots of talk about new navigation api
    • multiple containers

link Chassis

link QUnit

  • Released 1.17.0 on Monday. Quick adoption, first regression report on the same day. Released 1.17.1 fix a fix on Tuesday.
  • Leo started experimenting with ES6 modules, to manage source internally, while exporting the same file. Looking for es6-to-UMD/globals transpiler, existing tools all output “CommonJS” modules (require calls).

link browserstack-runner

  • Travis integration works, still fixing worker failures. Working with Prashanth from BrowserStack to debug slow Safari 7.0 worker

link Pointer Events

  • Jacques working on porting tests to Intern
    • Getting help from Colin
  • Switching to AMD wrappers for source files
  • Should be starting weekly meetings next week

link Globalize

  • Brought Bundle Lookup Matching + Inheritance problems to CLDR (their mailing list and in their weekly meeting). A summary of what happened and what decision has been taken is in here. (related issues: #357, cldrjs#17)
  • CLDR has a JSON Packaging proposal. Need to update cldr-data (+ npm and bower modules) accordingly when it's defined.

link CLA checker

  • Scott will be working on getting the full automation set up as soon as PEP AMD change is handled.