jQuery Content Team Meeting – Jan 28 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 257 (-21 in 2 weeks)
  • Attending: Sarah, Dan, Aurelio, Karl, Alex Sch., Arthur, Anne, Ralph

link Content Team Lead

  • Proposal for Anne to lead the Content Team
    • Approved, effective immediately.

link Learn Site

  • Agreed: where possible (or where this makes sense), in addition to code snippets, we should have the full example in a jsbin to enable users to manipulate the code and enable us to easily update it. Determine the Future of the learn site
    • Alex speaking with Remy Sharp to incorporate jsbin demos that we can update easily and also have custom subdomains e.g. jquery-learn.jsbin.com
    • we can customize the look and also make the editor use our style guide
  • Agreed: Create a list of articles/tutorials/video that would be nice to have
  • Analysis of the articles, and develop a matrix of articles/library version:
    • Matrix created
    • ongoing
    • Actions:
      • Open an issue on the learn repo
      • Make doc public for comments
  • Actions from last meeting:
    • Scott to work on automating the CLA check, which will manage the label
      • ongoing
      • Scott to liaise with Corey to sync with infra side
    • Aurelio to see how we can get more help from the community
      • Draft Post
      • Action: everyone to review and add comments/edits
      • We should say jQuery Foundation
      • Idea from Ralph: use that as a script to an awesome commercial size video and then blog, tweet, smoke signal it out (Ralph may be able to help)
    • Dan to investigate whether BV could donate rating services
      • Outcome: yes, if we want it we can have it. A little more red-tape to work through on the BV end.

link Repos at healthy cadence:

  • We aim to have less than 5 issues or be closing more issues than we open on all content-related repos
  • Produce biweekly reports at Content meeting and report at following EC meeting

link GSoC:

  • Content Team proposing two projects:
    • Interactive tutorials for learn and other sites
    • Issue Tracking system ticket