jQuery Core Team Meeting – Feb 02 2015

Attending: DaveMethvin, gibson042, timmywil, markelog, arthurvr

link timmywil to be new Core lead, gibson042 on Sizzle

  • Dave still around for questions, code, docs, whatever

link jQuery 3.0 beta

link Thinking about deprecation announcements for the next round

  • Could also do some of this with good documentation warnings
  • hide/show? https://github.com/jquery/jquery.com/issues/88
  • jQuery.swap?
    • We already don't get reliable results on currently-hidden elements
    • Needed for the Android 2.3 reliableMarginRight fix
    • How important is it to keep that fix?
  • :hidden/:visible selectors?
    • Update api.jquery.com first (reflows!)

link Use velocity.js as a replacement .animate() in 4.0?

  • Not sure of the difference in file size, all the jQuery-like shims go
  • Talked to Julian last week, he's interested in doing the integration if we want
  • https://github.com/julianshapiro/velocity
  • Famo.us folks say they will try to do benchmarks for us

link Pull Requests and Issues