Project Leads Meeting – Feb 04 2015

Attending: Scott, Rafael, Alex, Timmy, Sarah, Mike, Kris

link Core

link UI

  • Fixed last 1.11.x regression.
  • Datepicker
    • Rebased branch
    • Accessibility review by Jon Gunderson
  • Making good progress on download builder support for CSS dependencies
    • Another step closer to supporting jQuery Mobile

link Mobile

  • Pulled in latest updates from UI for button and classes
  • Changing auto-initialization to require opt-in
  • Determining future of gestures
    • Would prefer to use an external library
  • Fixing lots of old bugs

link Chassis

  • SASS file layout is ready to land
  • Initial SVG implementation getting ready to land
  • Talking about Chassis at JS Summit next week
  • Initial performance testing
    • Comparing button performance across existing frameworks
  • Initial sketch of logo looks good
  • Looking into visual regression testing
    • Possibly using Gemini

link QUnit

  • No report

link PEP

link Globalize

  • Bug fix: 376 (Avoid inaccurate floating point arithmetics using Mozilla's approach).
  • Adobe said they have plans to start using Globalize 1.x on some of their products.
    • Will be used on Behance (the site Mike works on).
    • All Adobe web sites will eventually be using it.

link Other

  • CLA Checker
    • We apply labels to the PRs now. (“CLA: Valid” and “CLA: Error”)
    • Working on page to show results.
      • Will be on with information about why the check failed (if it failed) and instructions on what to do.
    • Hopefully can get the automated checks running on at least one repo by the end of the week.