Project Leads Meeting – Feb 18 2015

Attending: Scott, Rafael, Alex, Kris

link Core

  • No update

link UI

link Mobile

  • Starting to Implement classes in mobile again with new api
  • Working on getting tests passing with new Auto-init module
  • Integrating qunit-assert-classes for element class tests same as ui.

link Chassis

link QUnit

  • No update

link PEP

link Globalize

  • Planning to release 1.0.0 very soon
    • Rafael to draft blog post and Kris to review
  • Not going to include currency parsing, will add later
  • Rafael and Jörn had a meeting with Twitter
    • They’re interested in using Globalize in place of twitter-cldr
    • Twitter will file issues for missing features that they need
  • Rick Waldron is the editor for ECMA-402 now
  • Rafael is a member of ECMA-402 committee

link Other

  • CLA Checker
    • Added debug logging
    • Sets status URL (pointing to
    • Added description to commit status
    • Fixed race condition with cloning and fetching
    • Next up: Fixed PR audits where the PR branch doesn’t contain the base commit