Chassis Team Meeting – Feb 24 2015


  • Is there some sort of roadmap? #39
    • Question came up about is the roadmap for this project to better understand the goals
    • sfrisk to create a wiki page explaining the roadmap for Chassis.
  • Create a SCSS Style Guide #41
    • Seemed to be some interest in working on this
    • Make this a PR to allow for collaboration (vs wiki)
    • When style guide is finished, submit it to contribute
  • Logo
    • Vote for the color you like best
  • Mailing List
    • sfrisk created a mailing list and shared link
    • join with your IRC and github username if you want to be a member

Pull Requests:

Goals for this week:

  • add yourself to the mailing list
  • sfrisk or arschmitz to update SASS file structure PR
  • sfrisk to add roadmap to wiki