jQuery Content Team Meeting – Feb 25 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 252 (-1 in 2 weeks)
  • Attending: Arthur, Sarah, Alex, Anne

link Site Spider:

  • Alex been working on it for a while. The idea is to have it on all content repo, and add it on a grunt task. It checks for errors and deadlinks, missing resources, etc. Currently reporting a lot of errors and Alex needs help from us to fix those. Alex will be trying to add the task to the repos over the next week or 2.

link Learn Site

  • Email from Justin Crawford https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/jquery-content-team/MaXPstGj1os

    • Awesome!
    • Can we think of a response?
    • Jörn asked why the mailing list wasn’t public. There is no reason for the jquery-content-team not to be public...
    • action: check past messages and see if any contain private info, then, make mailing public
  • Analysis of the articles, and develop a matrix of articles/library version:

  • Actions from last meeting:

    • Anne to speak with the Legal team to identify what document we need to receive consent from Authors to have their content on the Learn site.
      • Email is ok. Anne started sending emails. Will need to pdf responses and save to Foundation Dropbox.
      • Anne to update matrix with details (mail sent/consent received)
    • Scott to work on automating the CLA check, which will manage the label in place. Action completed.
      • Action Completed
    • Make doc public for comments
      • Action Completed
  • Actions from last meeting:

    • Scott to work on automating the CLA check, which will manage the label
      • in place. minor issues
      • currently for api.jquery.com jquery jquery-license jquery-mobile jquery-ui learn.jquery.com
    • Aurelio to see how we can get more help from the community
      • Draft Post
      • Looks good! A few comments need addressing and a final review from Karl would be great.
    • Dan to investigate whether BV could donate rating services
      • Outcome: yes, if we want it we can have it. A little more red-tape to work through on the BV end.
      • Action ongoing

link All Content Sites:

link Repos at healthy cadence:

  • We aim to have less than 5 issues or be closing more issues than we open on all content-related repos
    • We continue to make good progress. Big thanks to everyone!