jQuery Content Team Meeting – Mar 11 2015

  • Ticket Triage (Issues + PR):
    • 245 (-7 in 2 weeks)
  • Attending: Arthur, Alex, Sarah, Anne, Scott, Aurelio, Karl

link Genesis script

  • will clone build and deploy all websites, update all the sites at once and clone and deploy all the sites at once if you don’t have them
  • https://github.com/jquery/jquery-wp-content/pull/346
    • discussion:
      • Not frequent use, but could be useful
      • raised concerns: risk of losing uncommitted work in master
    • decision: next meeting to decide and continue the discussion on the PR on GH

link Site Spider

link Trello

  • Only used for task management. Should we remove from readme and keep to team only?
    • Agreed to remove from readme. Doesn’t add value to contributors

link Actions from last meeting:

  • check past messages and see if any contain private info, then, make mailing public
    • Not done - ongoing
  • Anne to update matrix with details (mail sent/consent received)
    • ongoing
  • Aurelio to see how we can get more help from the community
    • blog post
    • Looks good!
      • Last few comments were addressed and Karl did a final check
      • aim to publish Monday 12ET and tweet again tuesday 10GMT
      • Scott will add Aurelio as Author.
        • Done