Chassis Team Meeting – Mar 17 2015


  • Drop source map for generated files
    • Browsers currently don't handle these well, so they shouldn't be included in production files. Would be useful to include them for dev testing, however.
    • arschmitz to handle this
  • Setup
    • Useful for viewing CSS/HTML PRs.
    • Almost done, just waiting on domain changes.
  • Create Semantic Color Variable Names
    • If anyone has any other suggestions, please add them to the issue.
  • SCSS and HTML Style Guides
    • This still needs to get done. Please commit any suggestions for the HTML style guide to the contribute repo.
    • prasunanand offered to work on the SCSS style guide.
  • Performance Testing
    • More frameworks have been added thanks to potential GSoC students.
  • Pattern Library
    • Need to create a folder that demos the CSS, now that we have a typography PR. Should go in a folder called 'demo'.
  • Question time for GSoC Students
    • Last 15 minutes covered any questions people had regarding Chassis, proposal ideas, requirements, etc.