Project Leads Meeting – Mar 18 2015

Attending: Scott, Jörn, Alex, Timmy, Rafael, Richard, Dave

link Core

  • Team has been busy recently, should pick up soon
  • Will have Sizzle release this week
  • Dave putting together beta blog post
  • Dave made good progress on jquery migrate issues

link UI

  • Landed classes option
  • Still having serious spam issues with Trac, going to contact Trac team itself and WordPress team (they have a good setup)
  • Lots of style fixes from esformatter
  • Updated to latest jscs, splitting targets to increase coverage
  • Update to latest grunt-html, increasing coverage on html files as well

link Mobile

  • Working on esformatter updates
    • jscs next
    • grunt-html
    • csslint
    • csscomb is on chassis will look into
  • Updated to QUnit 1.17
  • updating UMD wrapper to match ui
    • easier to integrate with new download builder
  • Looking at switching to intern for testing
  • Still working on classes option in mobile widgets

link Chassis

  • Lots of PRs landing
  • Performance testing landed
  • Potential GSoC students helping out with adding more frameworks for performance testing
  • Initial file structure landed
  • Potential collaboration with Dojo 2
  • Travis CI testing
  • Roadmap for Chassis
  • Development on Typography has started, Form Elements / Form Validation to be started soon

link QUnit

  • Landed smaller improvements to HTML reporter
  • Improving diff module, first by adopting google diff-patch-match
  • Splitting core module, in preparation for moving to ES6 modules
  • Improving propEqual()
  • ...and more!

link PEP

link Globalize

  • PRs from GSoC students, both docs improvements and smaller enhancements
  • Working on validatePostCode feature
  • Working on relative time feature
  • Waiting for some quotes for 1.0 blog post (Twitter, Adobe)

link Other