Chassis Team Meeting – Mar 24 2015


  • Performance Testing
    • We should probably cap off the number of frameworks we add.
    • Focus on adding new components, such as checkboxes and the rest of the html4 form components, geekman-rohit to start working on this
  • Setup
    • Up and running!
  • Typography PR
    • Status: Changes are being made, shall update PR when more polished
    • ramasilveyra to fix media queries to em to typography pr
  • Style Guide
    • Discussion continuing on HTML style guide.
  • Table Styling
    • Tables with <td>s that span multiple cols/rows will be supported.
    • Discussed having stripped tables, as an optional feature, will need to figure out how to do this even with filtering
    • marestad and sfrisk to play with this on codepen
  • GSoC Students
    • Deadline is Friday, and other PSA notes.