Chassis Team Meeting – Mar 31 2015


  • Typography PR
    • Updates made, although still a work in progress
    • noufal has offered to help with the PR
    • Discussion regarding removing default focus outline for all <a> elements, since it goes against accessibility goals. Decided that it's best to keep the outline for focus on all <a>, individual components could possibly remove it as long as there is a :focus styling.
  • Create SCSS Style Guide
    • Haven't heard from prasunanand, so this is up for someone to work on
  • Update HTML Style Guide
    • Discussion in Contribute have continued.
  • Logo
    • isaacdurazo should have time this week to finish up the different use cases for the logo
  • Semantic Color Definitions
    • Base the default colors on the logo colors
    • sfrisk to update issue with color list
  • arschmitz has also updated the issues for naming convention, typography, and grid system to help summarize the discussions for newcomers.
  • GSoc Students
    • Student deadlines have passed, and we're currently evaluating proposals. If we need more information, we'll contact you