Project Leads Meeting – Apr 01 2015

Attending: Scott, Sarah, Timmy, Jörn, Alex, Rafael

link Core

link UI

link Mobile

  • Fixed last of the bugs with new autoinit modules
  • cleaned up test runs and output
    • faster travis runs
    • less chance of failure
  • updated to use spider.js for demos
  • fixed issues with core git build
  • Working on using esformatter for style compliance
  • coveralls code coverage notifications
    • allows github status api with thresholds for failure
    • does not seem to be working yet

link Chassis

  • Increased participation due to GSoC, a lot of headway has been made on performance testing by adding more frameworks. Potential GSoC student also adding testing for components than buttons
  • set up
  • Typography is currently in a PR, with discussion being had on how to implement other features dependent on typography.
  • Logo is done, Isaac should be finishing up approved use cases later this week
  • Discussions with Myles from regarding Chassis being represented at jQuery SF

link QUnit

  • Fixed AMD usage
  • Added support for AMD in grunt-contrib-qunit and grunt-qunit-instanbul (waiting for the latter to get merged)
  • Using diff-match-patch for diff output now
  • Lots of updates to the HTML reporter
  • New release coming soon, waiting for Leo to confirm

link PEP

  • Blink working on spec changes so they can implement :-)

link Globalize

  • Relative time support and Ordinal support landed.
  • Several minor fixes landed: #273, #313, #379, #408, #410, #411.
  • CLDR has released 27 (and Globalize can immediately use it).
  • CLA Checker

link Other

  • Intel is considering building a mobile device test lab for running automated tests on real devices.
    • Will also provide a way to run tests on local devices from your computer
  • npm for client-side modules