Project Leads Meeting – Apr 15 2015

Attending: Dave, Scott, Jörn, Rafael, Alex, Kris, Timmy, Anne

link Core

link UI

  • “Finished” converting tests to AMD
    • Had to update lots of dependencies in the test infrastructure
    • Need to update TestSwarm
  • Working on 1.12 docs

link Mobile

  • Looks like safari 8.3 fixes crashes from selects ( need to verify )
  • Reduced test times on Travis a lot
    • 250min -> 50min
    • Feedback time on PRs 80min -> 20min
  • Simplified and modularized Gruntfile
  • Adopted updated UMD wrapper ( only took us 2 years )
  • simplified aliases
  • Started switching to UI download builder
  • Added JSCS

link Chassis

  • Logo use cases done
  • PRs for Typography, tables and color palettes/variables currently in review
  • New server for performance testing
  • PRs from Bootstrap people for performance testing

link QUnit

  • Released 1.18, no regressions this time
  • Some issues with AMD support, but so far nothing that looks like our problem; Karma integration is incredibly complex and difficult to debug
  • QUnit.stack() landed, finishing docs for that.
  • Working through the many other PRs.

link PEP

  • Planning to release next week
  • Test updates
    • Need to review existing unit test for sanity
    • Need to wrap W3C test suite with Web Driver for functional testing

link Globalize

  • Landed improved datetime skeleton support (#272).
  • Working on the 1.0 blog post. (preview)

link Foundation communication

  • Greg is our part-time marketing person
  • Bylaws changes may help this as well with a project rep